Note to Readers

My resolve to keep my blog up to date is having varied results.

Until I get my act together, I'll continue to post mundane details of my life (and Doctor Who retweets) on twitter at @cozmicrain, and quick snippets of thought (and reblogs of cats in tights) on tumblr at Casual Bubbles.

Please come visit!

Comments? Suggestions?

To any and all of my 2 whole readers,

 I'm still a newbie at this whole blogging thing. I'm in the process of trying to redesign my blog myself and I'm still learning to adapt my writing from the papers of my school years and long rambling of my emails/chats to a new, more concise style that's appealing to total strangers who happen across this site.

I could use your help. Any constructive criticism is welcomed. Is my font too hard too read? Am I still taking too long to tell a story? Am I leaving out too many details? Want to see more pictures? Fewer pictures? Let me know!


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