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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Too Distracted

I do realize General Hospital's storylines have been lacking of late but I'm not sure I'd know if they were better today. I was much too distracted.

Did anyone else think Sonny looked like one of Willy Wonka's oompa loompas today? I think that we should find out what kind of tanner he's using because it should be banned. He's frickin' orange!

On the same train of thought, did GH get a new makeup artist? Everyone looks a little more airbrushed today. That, and Ethan's face looks about three shades darker than his neck.

I think Olivia looks good as a redhead but it's still a little sudden and distracting.

Did Ric grow that goatee overnight? I swear he didn't have any facial hair "yesterday."

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