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Friday, January 11, 2013

Diaper Bag Resolution

So...ahem...if I had any readers, they would have been left hanging for a long time after my last post. And I'm sure if I had any readers, they would have been on the edge of their seats, dying to know what happened with my diaper bag. Because in my head, my readers are like that.

My experience was mostly good. I initially emailed the J.J. Cole customer service on August 17 (a Friday):


I purchased a Stone Arbor Satchel Bag on 5/26/2012. I didn't start using it until after my baby was born on June 7. I also don't use it on a daily basis. I have two young boys and it's not easy to leave the house. I absolutely love this diaper bag, but after only 2.5 months of fairly light use, the loops where the metal rings connect to the straps and the bag are starting to crack/break. I can't afford to replace my diaper bag every 2 months, especially one this pricey. Is this a common complaint or is it possible I received a bad bag? I'm really disappointed about this since I had really looked forward to purchasing this bag and really have loved it until this happened.


 I received a response on August 21 (a Tuesday):

Hi Melany,

Thank you for contacting JJ Cole. JJ Cole Collections guarantees its products against manufacture defects. I would be happy to file a warranty claim for you. In order to better assist you, can you please provide me with the following information:

-      When did you purchase the product?
-      Where was the product purchased?

-      What product did you purchase? (System Bag, System180 Bag, Theory Bag, Mode Bag, Bundleme (Infant or Toddler), etc.)

-      What is the color of your product?

-      Please describe the problem with the product.

-      Please provide the 4-digit PO# located on a group of white tags on the product. This may also be 4 numbers followed by the letters YUN

-      Can you email a photo of the problem? Please attach.

-      Have you taken it back to the store where it was purchased from? What was the response?

Please provide your name, address, and phone number so we can contact you to provide a return authorization number and/or further information about the warranty process.

JJ Cole Product Warranty
JJ Cole Collections guarantees its entire product line for 2 years from the manufacture date. This warranty covers the product for the original owner against defects in workmanship only. If the product ever fails to a manufacturing defect, then JJ Cole will replace with like product at our discretion. The warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, improper use, negligence, normal wear and tear, or the natural break down of colors and materials over time.

Thank you,
Consumer Service

I supplied the requested information and pictures the same day and received this email the following day:

Thank you for sending the bags information and photo to me—I’m so sorry to see the handle material is not holding up well.  An exchange has been authorized and we have two different options regarding the return/disposal of your current bag:
1.  You may mail the bag to us at the following address, and upon receipt your replacement will be sent to you:

JJ Cole Collections
Attn : Returns 911217
2021 9th Street SE
Dyersville, IA 52040987-6828

2. You may make a cut through the opening of the main compartment down into the front of the bag 6” and send us an image with your Reference number 911217 written visible in it.  We will use this as a record you have disposed of the item, and then send your replacement.

Let me know which return option you prefer and I’ll have it shipped as soon as possible. 

Best regards
Consumer Service

I was very pleased with the fast responses and I was happy they were willing to resolve my problem so easily. Unfortunately, as can be seen by my lack of blog posts, life got in the way. Between people in the house getting sick and a bunch of family functions popping up where I needed to actually leave the house and use my diaper bag, I didn't get back to them in anything even remotely resembling a timely manner. I realize they needed to have the bag or see it destroyed to ensure I wasn't going to keep using both bags or sell one on Ebay but it was really inconvenient not to have a diaper bag to use.

Fast Forward to October 15. I responded and asked if the exchange was still possible and I got a response the next day that the number I was given would be held open for 30 more days. Then came another gap on my part as I needed the bag again. I chose to send a picture of the bag destroyed because I wouldn't have to pay for return shipping and it would save some time. I sent the pictures on November 9, and received this email on the 12:

Hi Melany;

Thank you for the image of the cut diaper bag. We have the new one on order and you should receive this within the next 5-10 business days. Please contact us and refer to reference number 911217 if you have any questions on this shipment.

On November 30, I still had not received the bag so I sent this email:

Hi Karen, 

I was wondering if there was any sort of tracking information for the order of my replacement diaper bag (reference number 911217) as I have not yet received the bag and it's now been longer than the 5-10 business days (closer to 14 by my count) and when you throw in weekends and holidays, I've been without a diaper bag for almost three weeks now and carrying all the baby stuff in shopping bags is getting frustrating. 

Thanks for any information you can give me,

And yes, I realize I was slow to respond at one point myself but a lot of that was because I didn't want to have to carry baby stuff around in reusable shopping bags.

On December 3, I received this repsonse:

Hi Melany;

We apologize for the delay. The item was temporarily out of stock. We show this shipped November 30th through UPS. Please log onto and enter tracking number ########### to follow the progress of your shipment to your home.

Coincidentally, the bag showed up that very day. All in all, I'm very pleased that J. J. Cole worked with me and fixed the problem I was having. The only complaint I have is that the new bag took so long to get to me. I wish they would have sent a message my way to let me know the bag was out of stock.

So there it is, my long-overdue update.

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  1. I am dealing with the same thing. I can't be without a diaper bag while I wait.