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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A love letter to the Bloggess, or How the Bloggess stopped my lurking and made me vocal again

One day, not too long ago, I sent a tweet to @TheBloggess in response to her request for virtual assistants. She did not hire me (probably a smart move since I'd likely need maternity leave soon anyway), but she did do something amazing. She followed me. This rising star of the internet with a way bigger following than I feel like I will ever have is following me.

How did I celebrate? Well after telling a friend or two via gtalk and my husband, who, oblivious to most things internet, seemed genuinely happy for me (perhaps because he doesn't often see me doing an excited happy dance these days), I panicked. Not yet realizing The Bloggess is not one to unfollow once she has seen fit to follow someone, I figured I had better do something interesting. I wanted to start tweeting witty things, things worthy of actually being read. And good gravy! My blog! My profile linked to my blog and I hadn't posted anything in months...almost a year! Oh no! What if she looked at my blog? How embarrassing!

So yeah, that is how The Bloggess sorta snapped me out of my rut and got me back to something I'd been wanting to do for a while. She also reinflated my hope that someday I might have more than 3 blog readers and 20 twitter followers (half friends and half porn bots)...and hey, I have since crept up near 40 followers (half are still spam bots but there are some new real people in there too). My blog readership is still at an all-time low but someday maybe I'll get to 10 or 20 readers.

If you haven't already, do yourself a favor and check out The Bloggess. She's hilarious, and intimately truthful about her life and struggles. She is inspiring...and hilarious. AND she has a giant metal chicken named Beyonce, a cat named Ferris Mewler, and a plethora of taxidermied animals with equally awesome names. What's not to love?

This post feels like it needs a picture, probably of The Bloggess, but I'm still unsure of the rules of the internets and I'm not sure if I can put her picture here, linking back to her site without permission. I should probably look into that kind of stuff.


  1. She followed me last week and I had the same, "Oh no, I must now tweet only amazing-ness!" Pretty funny actually, I had the same reaction.

    Also, Tell Me Thursday is up if you want to participate this week: