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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday ain't over yet

Wow, it's been a long day. Good, but long. Well good except for not getting my son to go to sleep until nearly 10 pm even with me lying with him. But although I'm tired, I'm trying hard not to miss any more Tell Me Thursdays if I can help it. So I've settled down with some soda bread and today's episode of General Hospital and off we go!

New Mommy Confessions hosts the weekly Tell Me Thursday. Head on over and check it out for links to more people answering these questions and join on in yourself if you have a blog!

Spring is around the corner (at least I hope it is) Any big outdoor plans for your house/garden?  Hopefully. We try to do a veggie garden every year. Some years are more successful than others, depending on the time we get around to investing. I generally try to do at least tomatoes, bell peppers, and lettuce. Last year I did a small strawberry plant and would like to do that again. And maybe this year I will actually do spices and keep up with caring for them. Last year they kinda went unwatered during a hot spell and all died. Oops.

What part of nice weather are you most looking forward to? I enjoy a small bit of winter because snow can be fun and a break from the heat is nice. Also, it makes me appreciate the warm weather when it comes back. The other day was warm enough to have a window or two open and it was wonderful. I'm not sure what it is about the breeze and the sounds coming in the window, but it makes me happy. Also? I'll be glad not to have to worry about getting Jake in and out of his coat in the car (his winter coat is too puffy for the carseat straps to get tight enough).

For the MilSpouse - What is one thing you wish civilians knew about the military? For civilians - What is one question you would ask someone associated with the military? Huh. I know I've been curious about things in the past but for the life of me, I can't really think of any questions right now. Great answer, right? Um, I guess I would say I've wondered how commitment works. I mean, I know some people join the military for a few years and others stay for a whole career. Are there set contract lengths, depending on the length of commitment you intend to give and how strictly are those enforced? Can you leave early if you decide you can't do it or do you have to stay the full length of time you signed up for? I'm sure this must vary during times of war. Also, I'm sure this is something I could easily find on Google if I tried!

Do you want kids? If you have children, do you want more or is your family complete? We have one boy and a second on the way. We always figured on 2-3 kids and I'm thinking 2 will be plenty, if for no other reason than this pregnancy has been miserable and I'd rather not repeat it.

Are you keeping up with politics these days? Not really. I see a lot on Twitter but I normally tend to wait until candidates are chosen and then I do my research and make my decisions. I tend to vote Democratic so I'll admit I don't pay as much attention to Republican primaries.

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  1. Thanks for joining in! I hope your garden goes well this year. As for your military question, yes there are set contract lengths. Usually 4-6 years, but that can depend on a lot of things. If their contract is coming to an end and they want to stay in they are able to re-enlist.

    They are required to finish their contract unless there are extenuating circumstances. Generally it's at the military's discretion though. Once you sign that contract you're in.