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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Tupac Hologram brings back college memories

Twitter seems to be my main source of outside world knowledge these days. I'm on Facebook much less than I used to be and I don't even see the news on TV anymore. I was never much for seeking out news on the computer, though I will admit, if I had my homepage set to Yahoo like my mother in law does, I would spend infinitely more time clicking on news stories. But back to Twitter. I saw a lot of tweets about  a Tupac hologram, including this one from Felicia Day:

I did a quick Google search before writing this post, just to see what the whole Tupac thing was all about and found an article on Gizmodo about how it was actually really expensive CGI. Whatever, the idea is still neat. And it brings me to the real reason I wanted to post about this.

Back in college, I was taking a Prose class and we had just finished reading Dubliners by James Joyce.  Our professor had us working in groups. Our assignment was to pretend we were going to make "The Dead"into a movie. We were each going to have the change to pitch our idea to him and the idea he liked best got a prize.

My group decided it would be clever to cast only dead actors in the film. We would use super awesome technology and bring some sorely missed greats back to the big screen. Not sure how clever we really were but we did win the prize (I think that time the prize was a copy of one of his books, signed by him after class).

Yeah, I realize, not the most exciting story in the world but I found it amusing that this kind of thing is actually happening now and that Felicia Day tweeted about making a new movie with a dead actor.

Sorry, guess this was a pretty boring post after all!

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