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Monday, July 2, 2012

A snapshot of motherhood

It's late afternoon and I'm sitting on the couch, unable to move. In my left arm I'm holding a very peacefully sleeping 3 week old. My right arm is pinned down by my 3 year old, who first passed out on the couch and then woke up and decided to relocate and fall asleep again while snuggling with Mommy. My right arm is also falling asleep because the 3 year old is much heavier than the 3 week old and is cutting off all blood flow.

I'm thirsty but can't reach the drink that sits inches from my left hand. My nose itches but I can't reach it with either hand. My husband has left some boring sportball game on the television and I can't reach the remote to change it. My phone, with which I could amuse myself, sits next to my drink, also out of reach by mere inches.

I think about falling asleep too but know the instant I do, one or both of my sons will wake up and insist I wake up too.

While this is going on, my husband is in the other room digging through an ocean of Legos trying to find the right parts so he can finish building the 3 year old a Lego fire station.

Oh and did I mention, my right leg and hip area is wet and cold because 3 minutes ago the 3 year old peed all over himself and me and I'm debating whether to deal with it for another half hour because he's kinda cranky today and needs the nap.  

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