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Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy Birthday, Me!

I just wrote a ridiculously long post about Doctor Who: how I started watching, sucking my husband in, reactions to the new Doctor, the 50th anniversary special, etc. Close to the end I realized no one would want to read a post that long but I made myself finish it just in case I feel like trying to prune it down later.

I came here determined to post something instead of just adding to my drafts folder, though, so I'll leave you with the awesomeness that is the birthday present I got from my husband today.

The man made me a TARDIS jewelry armoire. He's still working on the finishing touches...but I totally have a TARDIS! Just for today, I win at life.

It's 40" tall, minus the light. And it does actually light up. There are lights behind the Police Public Call Box panels but the wiring is giving him some trouble so he's still tweaking that. 

The top opens to reveal a mirror. He's toying with the idea of adding sound when the it's opened. There are necklace hooks inside the doors and there will be 9 drawers. They're still being sanded, finished, and lined with felt. He also plans to put some legs on it once I decide how tall I want it. 

Best. Present. Ever.


  1. This is the most awesome gift ever. I'm so jealous. Tell your husband that he has mad skillz.

    1. He'll love to hear that! I think he enjoyed making it since it's his first real project in a long time!

  2. Need build instructions! *very jealous* :D

  3. Need build instructions! *very jealous* :D

    1. Just realized I never answered this comment. In case you ever check back in, my husband designed it himself but I can check and see if there are any sort of plans to share.