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Monday, September 9, 2013

I need to get out more

I've been sick but I thought I should post something since it's been like a month. So I scanned through my drafts to see if there was anything that didn't still need a bunch of editing.  I found this really old, no longer relevant draft and decided to post it because, well, not much has changed. I still need to get out more and I still have super duper decision making anxiety.

A Gmail chat conversation*:

Me: I'm sure I've asked this before but how many gigs is your iPhone? I still have some time to decide if I'm going with the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy III but you know me, obsess like a mofo until I decide!**

Denise: (no reply)

Me: Also, I'm super jealous you are going to ComicCon again because this year is the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who so I'm sure there is going to be a big presence there. If I find out David Tennant is going to be there, I will have to kidnap you and take your place.

Denise: (no reply)

Me: I have learned from General Hospital that is is possible to impersonate someone with a good latex mask and fake fingerprints. I just have to make sure no one throws any hot fondue on my face and melts my mask.

This is what happens when I spend too much time with my boys and the TV and too little time talking to other adults, except when I bug them on Gmail chat when they're trying to work.

*No names have been changed because it's not like I'm giving any identities away or anything. Also, in the original chat, I may have used less punctuation and capitalization.

**I would like to try to blame being a stay at home mom and not having much outside of the house to think about for my utter obsessions when it comes to big purchases. I spend way too much time and energy weighing my options. Also, I'm really bad at making decisions in the first place.


  1. hahaha! funny! I have a work friend and we instant message all day long. I'm truly sorry I haven't been saving them. I would have blog material for years

    1. I love that some of the chat programs, like Gmail chat and Facebook, automatically save everything. No extra work required!