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Monday, September 27, 2010

Attempt 365,234,023

Shall we give this writing thing another go?

Since my last post, I have accomplished some of the tasks I assigned myself but the whole blogging thing fell by the wayside....again. It's a nasty habit I seem to have; right along with biting my nails and failing to return phone calls, I fall horribly behind on my writing. And then the months go by and I grow more and more bitter and jealous of all the lovely writing I come across and exceedingly depressed at my loss of writing ability.

Then one day I stand up, slap myself across the face, and remind myself that to improve my writing, I need to write. I haven't lost the ability; I'm merely out of practice. I race to my computer and spend an hour or two fixing the design of my blog, which has gotten all out of sorts since the blog technology has been updated, something I didn't know since I hadn't signed on in half a year. I delete a few old entries I've changed my mind about having out there and finally open a new post. I stare, mind as blank as the screen in front of me. What on earth do I have to write about? So I write about how long it's been since I posted on my blog and how I promise to do better this time. I smile at my accomplishment and think, "Ok, I'm back on track. Now I just have to try to write something every day."

This resolve keeps up for about 3.5 days before I start getting busy. I'll think about something I want to blog about but then realize I need to catch up on a few other ideas I had first. And that'll take longer so I wait until I have more time and while I'm waiting for time, I think of more things to blog about until I have about 60 ideas in my head and no time to sit down and write about them all. Of course, I refuse to skip the first 59 ideas I had and just write the most recent one so I can at least have something new posted. And so it goes that with nothing written and no time to tackle all 60 ideas that are swimming in my head, I become discouraged and push the whole thing aside for the time being, all the while admiring the writing of others and becoming bitter about my lack of writing ability....

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