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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What was I thinking again?

I had a really interesting idea for a post last night, or so I thought in my half-drowsy state.

At this point I'd like to note that my last sentence sent me on a fruitless internet search. I seem to remember knowing a name for hyphenated compound words like "half-drowsy" and "sleep-addled" but I can't seem to remember what that name is. I do, however, remember that I liked that word. I liked it enough to try to look it up and share it here. Can't find it, though. Sorry.

So last night I had this idea for a blog post. But now I can't remember what it was. I was too tired to roll over and write it down. This sort of thing happens a lot; I think of something while in bed or driving or in the shower, where it is inconvenient or undesirable to take notes. Maybe someday we'll all have computer chips implanted in our brains and we'll use them in much the same way we use computers now. We'll be able to make phone calls, send emails just by thinking them, and take notes for later use with an extra blink of the eye.

Until that day, I'll just keep forgetting what I wanted to write and anyone who happens upon my blog will be subjected to the aftermath.

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