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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Attempts at being concise

I'm sure I've mentioned before that I have a tendency to draw out stories with too much detail. I'm working on being more concise. I wrote a long ass blog about some of the things I'd have written about if I hadn't been hiding the last couple weeks. It was long. Very long. So in an attempt to be more concise, I hacked it down to a (hopefully) more digestible length. I hope nothing was lost in the process.

Let there be sugar!
Wee hooo! I passed my 1 hour glucose test this time! When I was pregnant with Jake, I failed the 1 hour and had to take the 3 hour. This time, when I made the appointment, they gave me better instructions (no sugar OR starchy foods beforehand, only protein). Also, my needlephobia might actually a little less but it didn't help that the nurse did something that left me still bruised over a week later.

Snow? What's that?
Fozzie the Snowbust, the crowning piece of art for any igloo
Northern Illinois has had a pretty mild winter. Temps have been higher and snow has been almost nonexistent. The little snow we've had didn't last long and wasn't good packing snow so I felt kinda bad for Jake since it was the first year he really showed an interest in playing in the snow. At the end of last week, we finally got some good packing snow. The sick, achey, pregnant mom stayed inside and watched out the window as Jake sledded across the street and made his first snowman. Daddy started piling up the snow and Jake was so impatient to finish and put on the carrot nose, that the snowman was a small one and looked more like a head with arms. Then he started throwing carrots in the snow and eventually gave his snow head carrot eyes as well. I named him Fozzie because he reminded me of Fozzie Bear, except without the hat and with with carrots for his eyes and nose.

Why I could never be an interior designer
Whole weekend's worth of progress
I love the idea of interior design but I suck at it. I suck at picking colors and imagining them on a large scale. I suck at deciding which colors go together, even with a color wheel. I suck at knowing what styles of furniture go together and which kinds of nonmatching woods you can pair together. This weekend my suckiness cost us time and money.

Super long story cut sorta short? We're painting the master bathroom and the tan I picked ended up looking way too yellow. Bryan and I both agreed it reminded us of hotel/medical office walls. We quickly (unheard of for me) picked something more brownish. To be safe, we only got a quart so we didn't waste most of a gallon again if it wasn't right. It was a much better color. After a weekend of priming and painting, we have only one small wall done. And the paint's not fully covering so it'll need a second coat. Oh yeah, and this week starts Bryan's busy season as a coach so we'll see when we can tackle the rest. I hate being pregnant and miserable and not able to do it myself!

DIY dog grooming

In an attempt to save some money, I bought some pet clippers (half the price of a professional grooming appointment) and gave Penny the full treatment...well, as much as she'd let me. The effort wasn't a total failure. She fought me when I tried to clip her face, legs and belly/chest area. Not bad for a first attempt and I'm sure we'll both get better at it with practice. Go, frugal me!

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  1. my favorite painting experience was painting a room from light green to orange, then having Amber want me to paint it back to the original light green.